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From the moment that you first enroll in an addiction recovery program, you are going to begin the process of rebuilding your life from the ground up. Permanently overcoming an addiction requires your full dedication, and you need to learn a variety of skills in order to avoid future triggers and deal with cravings. Whether you have been in and out of drug rehab centers for years, or only recently felt as if your substance abuse issues are becoming a problem, the team here at Serenity by the Sea drug rehab in Naperville, Illinois are ready to help.

Starting Your Treatments

Before starting any program, you will first need to speak with an addiction recovery specialist to go over all of your options. These programs have become extremely effective over the last few decades, and there are many ways to overcome an addiction. Depending on the severity of the dependence and the substances you have been misusing, you will benefit from starting your journey at our Naperville drug detox clinic.

Our clinics are designed to keep clients as safe and comfortable as possible while they overcome the physical withdrawal symptoms. At the drug detox clinic in Naperville, you will have constant support from a team of dedicated specialists. Withdrawal symptoms can be difficult to overcome on your own, and attempting to detox without professional supervision can be very unpleasant. After your body has been rebalanced, you can then begin thinking about your options for long-term treatments at our Naperville addiction recovery facility. The entire detox period can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on the state of your health, the drug you’re addicted to, and how long you’ve been addicted to it.

The Benefits of Residential Care

Even though outpatient programs can be useful, they are generally not as effective as dedicated inpatient programs carried out at an addiction recovery center. From the moment that you arrive at our substance abuse treatment facility in Naperville, you will be surrounded by empathetic and experienced staff members who are fully devoted to helping you overcome substance abuse and contributing issues. These facilities offer a wide range of services such as mentorship programs, healthy meals, exercise centers, group therapy, and personal counseling. Most clients benefit from a blend of holistic services that treat the different facets of addiction.

Another major benefit of heading to a drug rehab facility is the 24/7 access to mental health services. Many substance abuse problems are accompanied by mental and emotional health issues, and an accurate dual diagnosis will be absolutely vital to your recovery. Those who fail to address their mental and emotional health disorders during their treatments might not be able to permanently overcome the addiction. The total length of the treatment depends on various factors, but the vast majority of clients benefit from a program that lasts for at least 30 days. You can then transition to an intensive outpatient program for ongoing support.

Overcoming Your Addiction

Permanently beating an addiction is going to provide you with many immediate and long-term benefits. Our bodies are not designed to process large quantities of harsh chemicals, and that is why many of those who are struggling with an addiction have damaged bodies. From the moment that you stop using your substance of choice, your body will begin the process of healing itself and repairing damaged cells. Each day that you continue to abuse drugs or alcohol will increase your risk of permanently damaging your body.

Completing a program at our Naperville addiction treatment center will also provide you with different psychological benefits. The goal of these programs is to strengthen and enable every client who walks through our doors. We want to help you build the skills you will need to avoid temptations and relapses in the future. Relapses can be extremely dangerous, and you must be able to recognize and overcome them. After leaving Serenity by the Sea addiction treatment facility in Naperville, Illinois, clients will also have access to a comprehensive support system as they settle back into their daily lives.


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